Project summary:

The "Green the Green" project hopes to rid the University of Delaware campus from the harmful herbicides and pesticides used across campus. 


What steps did your organization take to complete the project?

We came up with an organic lawn care regimen that we felt would work best on a university green. We currently have two pilot plots testing our organic plan that will continue to be tested for three years. 


What challenges did you face, and how were they addressed?

Working with our university grounds committee was very complicated. At first they were not on board with us at all. With persistence and with help for our sustainability committee, we were able to overcome these initial challenges. 


What impact has the project had on your campus or community?

Once this project is implemented on the green, it will help improve water quality in our community and around campus. Also, many students are getting rashes from the pesticides currently used. With organics, students would not have to worry about these health effects.