Project Name: Great Giveaway


Location: Princeton Day School (PDS)


Organizations involved in the project: Homefront


Project Summary:

The PDS Upper School collected left over notebooks and school supplies. We gathered a group of students to sort the school supplies. The project took place on the last day of school. We placed boxes around the school during the last few days of school and sorted the boxes on the last day of school.


What Steps did your organization take to complete the project?

We made a running sign-up sheet and gathered a group of volunteers ahead of time. We put out boxes, collected the boxes, and sorted.


What challenges did you face, and how were they addressed?

We often did not have enough volunteers, but we advertised more and encouraged class reps to volunteer.

What impact has the project had on your campus and the community?

It has caused students to think about students who don’t have as many school supplies. This also encourages students to recycle and pass on unused supplies instead of throwing them out.