Project Name: Nature Center with outdoor classroom

Location: North Penn High School

Organizations involved in the project: School Board, building administration. Possibly anyone willing to get involved to help build trails and decorate.

Project Summary: Outside the school, there is open land that is being unused on school property. The Enact Club of North Pen would like to use that land to build a variety of trails and have an area where students and teachers can go to get outside the classroom for a period of the day.

What Steps did your organization take to complete the project?

Enact Club has contacted the school board and outlined possible trail lines to get an idea of the layout. We have also set up birdhouses throughout the region and picked up liter.

What challenges did you face, and how were they addressed?

Challenges being faced are getting the approval of the school board and the change of head of facilities for work outside which caused us major setbacks. We addressed these challenges by working around delays and taking action ourselves.

What impact has the project had on your campus and the community?

The project is still in its beginning stages so not many people in the community know about it yet, but we hope to change that.