Project Name 

Papermaking Workshop



In Front of Skillman Library


Organizations involved in the project

LEAP (Lafayette Environmental Awareness and Protection)


Project Summary

LEAP hosted a workshop outside of the library on a Tuesday between 10am-2pm where students came to make paper. The process was composed of many steps. After students made their paper, the final products were left to dry for an extra two days and then collected by the students who made them later.


What steps did your organization take to complete the project?


First, one of the members considered the idea of papermaking and found a doable workshop from the app Instructables. The group thought it was a good one, so the members took it on. The idea was tested out small scale in the club. After that, plans began to scale up. In coordination with the Office of Sustainability, a date and time were set for a paper making workshop. It occurred during the college’s “Earth Week”. With the help of the office, a work order was made to provide an outdoor power outlet to the blenders and the shedder. Then, paper was made!


What challenges did you face, and how were they addressed?


The main challenge we faced was gathering the materials and power for the project. This was addressed through seeking the help of student government. They funded the blenders needed for the project. Another challenge we faced was that the project needed to be well promoted to encourage student attendance. This was addressed with posters hung around the school, a facebook event, and a schoolwide email announcement.


What impact has the project had on your campus and the community?


About 40 students came to participate in the workshop. It’s combination of fun and environmental meaning really appealed to those who participated. About 80 sheets of the thick paper were made. Soon after the project was completed, plans began to do an even bigger workshop.