GreenAllies Challenge FAQ

1. Who can participate in the GreenAllies Challenge? 

Any high school or middle school student (grades 6-12) can participate in the GreenAllies Challenge. 

2. Is the competition free? 

Yes! There is no cost to register or compete in the competition. 

3. Can I compete with more than one project? 

No, we ask that each student submit only one project for the competition. However, if your environmental club has more than one project that they want to run, feel free to invite a friend to take over the leadership of one project and join the competition!

4. I have already started a project that would be perfect for the GreenAllies Challenge. Can I use that project? 

Sure! It is important that you can demonstrate that you put a significant amount of work into the project over the course of the competition, and made progress towards your goal after the competition started. 

5. My mentor hasn’t replied to my message board post. What should I do? 

If your mentor hasn’t replied to a message board post in a reasonable amount of time, you should contact, and include your request, your name, email address, and the name of your mentor. We will work with you to contact your mentor. 

6. I just found out about the GreenAllies Challenge— is it too late to register? 

The Challenge officially begins on September 1st, but registration will go until December 15th. 

7. What are the GreenAllies Challenge prizes, and how will they be distributed? 

We will award up to three scholarships of $500 each to the leaders of exemplary projects.

8. I am homeschooled. Can I still participate in the GreenAllies Challenge? 

Yes! Homeschoolers are welcome to participate in the competition. 

9. Two friends and I would like to lead the project together. How will we split the scholarship? 

You are welcome to work with friends to lead the project. If you work in groups, the scholarship will be divided evenly between all group members listed on the original registration form. Choose your partners carefully- GreenAllies will not be able to divvy the scholarship up into unequal portions based on work and effort, and we will not be able to mediate disputes between group members.