Project Name

Air Conditioner Audit at Pardee Hall: Environmental Club Involvement in a very technical project.



Lafayette College, Pardee Hall


Organizations involved in the project 

Lafayette Environmental Awareness and Protection (LEAP)


Project Summary

In the Fall Semester of 2017, Kyle Low, a Lafayette College Student, spearheaded a project to audit the air conditioners in Pardee Hall. An audit of the classrooms was done first with the help with LEAP members. An exterior survey of the windows was done next with LEAP members, as to get a count of air conditioners in the buildings and gauge which offices need to be checked. Next, a check of the offices was done with the help of the building's custodians. Information was compiled on an excel spreadsheet. This project will be incorporated in a larger study of the campus being done by The Stone House Group.  It will be part of the college's 2018 Climate Action Plan. 



Challenges Faced

It was a challenge to organize and compile all of the information gathered.  It was addressed through using a standardized observation sheet for recording information and using a single excel sheet organized by room number for the information. 


If you want more information about this project or have questions or just want to reach out contact Kyle at: