2017                        Conference Workshop Videos

International Sustainability Panel

People around the globe approach sustainability in different ways. Hear from several international students as they discuss how their nation views the environment what issues their country faces.

Developing your Environmental Club

Successful environmental clubs are a lot of work! From retaining members to finding the funds to complete projects, environmental clubs across the region face many of the same challenges. Meet with student environmental leaders to discuss marketing, running campaigns, leading meetings and more.  

Exploring Environmental Careers

Even after graduation, there are ways to stay involved with environmental work. Careers that involve the environment can be exciting and fulfilling. Hear from a variety of environmental professionals as they discuss how they have made a career out of sustainability. 

Conference Finale - David Radcliff

David Radcliff is the director of New Community Project, a small nonprofit with a big goal: to change the world. NCP has a national network and sponsors Learning Tours to the Arctic, Amazon,  Africa, Asia and Central America.